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If you are looking for a commercial mortgage or a Bad Credit Mortgages to either buy or re-mortgage your existing commercial property, or in respect of a commercial Investment property, then you have come to the right place. As commercial mortgage brokers with over 40 years of experience in financial services, we know that if anyone can help you, we can.

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For those looking for commercial finance on commercial property
For those looking for commercial finance on commercial property
For those looking for commercial finance on commercial property
For those looking for commercial finance on commercial property
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The commercial property market is still very active despite the current credit crunch, with many clients looking to purchase or expand their businesses and some banks have taken a very negative stance. We at Michael Alexander take a very positive outlook and will work with you and the lenders to get the right lender to suit you and your circumstances. The market is difficult but we are always confident despite the gloomy outlook.

In these circumstances lenders will ask you to put down a larger deposit and the interest rate charged may reflect the greater risk involved to the lender. The onus is always on you as the client to do your homework and make sure that your business plan and presentation is as detailed and comprehensive as possible. In each industry you will find there are accepted levels of profit that we expect to see and banks will always fall back on this as a guidelines.

As Independant Financial Advisers with over 40 years experience in financial services we have built up an unrivaled panel of lenders and contacts that we talk to on a regular basis to monitor what the market has to offer. Confidence in the commercial property market is reflected by lenders in increasing their exposure in certain sectors of the market and offering mortgages at a higher loan to value then we have seen in recent years. A telephone call to Michael J Alexander will give us the opportunity to prove to you that we can help you.
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Learn more about commercial mortgages and the services we offer. If you are looking for a commercial mortgage of 50,000 onwards then we can help. Even if you have no accounts or an imperfect credit rating, we can source the best deal for you.

Commercial Mortgages

Bridging loans are ideal when speed of service, with the minimum level of formalities and the immediate availability of funds is essential to closing that property deal. With over fifty bridging companies to talk to we will find the right product to suit you.

Bridging Loans

Short term finance is the new product on the block to complement bridging, and can run from 1 month to 2 years. When decisions have to be made quickly, with the minimum of fuss, and funds to drawdown on without any undue delay, short term finance maybe the answer to your problem.

Short Term Finance

Buy to let property as an Investment took off when Gordon Brown raided the pension funds for some the tax free treatments that they had enjoyed and the rest is history. Clients see bricks and mortar as a long term safe bet in which to invest their savings, to provide capital growth and income.

Buy to Let

For those investors who have seen the real long term capital growth potential of buy to let property, many have also seen how portfolio building can be achieved with a little extra thought and planning, and how further property purchase can be so much easier, within the safer confines of a portfolio.

Buy to Let Portfolios

Investment property can be seen as less volatile than residential property, and many investors who have dipped their toes into the residential market, and have been successful, are now finding that commercial property can be very rewarding. With a lower risk profile, but with a larger deposit requirement and a high level of due diligence needed prior to making an offer, the rewards can be very attractive.

Investment Properties

The recent doom and gloom in the money markets and the reluctance of some banks to help their clients has seen a boom in asset finance. Raising money on plant and machinery is quick and can be used to help with cash flow or expansion. There is also invoice discounting and factoring which may help with cash flow when times are hard.

Asset Finance

We can help you arrange a commercial mortgage from 50,000 upwards based on your credit record and your ability to prove your income together with the size of the deposit you have available. We are able to find a Commercial Mortgage for you to suit your circumstances even if you have had a history of  bad or adverse credit, have been made bankrupt or been in an IVA.

As Independant Financial Advisers we have access to the whole of the market and are able to place cases in almost every circumstance. Our lenders are used to lending on the unusual applications and we at Michael Alexander have a long history of helping clients whos current bankers were unable or unwilling to assist. We are prepared to go the extra mile to try and help clients and to give them the opportunity to purchase what could be the making of their business in the future.

Most high street lenders have an unfortunate habbit of saying no to an application without looking to see if there is any way that they are able to help. We start from a very positive position and will look at every possible angle to see if there is anyway in which we can say YES.
BBC News on Buy to Let

As the buy to let market begins to shift, the BBC provide a report into their findings.

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UK House Price Crash

Tonight looks into the housing price crash that has hit the UK putting hundreds of thousands into negative equity.

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BBC Money Programme

The BBC take a look into the UK economy and the way people have managed their finances.

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Buy to Let Channel 4

Channel 4's overview of the popular buy to let mortgage.

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June 2010   |  Author: Daniel Foley
Posted by: Daniel Foley

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